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Friday, October 1, 2010


This month brings an interesting predicament but first our WINNERS!!!

1st - Lisa 7.0 lbs 4.07%
2nd- Julie 4.0 lbs 2.25%

So here is where it gets interesting.  Only 6 of you actually met the blog requirement for the month and of those 6 the highest amount of weight lost was less than 2 lbs.  I know that Lisa and Julie have been working really hard so for this month I am going to waive the blogging rule in order to give them the credit they are due. (A huge reason I am doing this is because this was an incredibly unproductive month for almost EVERYONE!!)  
Next month... if you do not blog you will NOT get your prize and any prizes forfeited due to failure to blog will be added to the overall first place winner. 
[If you saw the blog I posted before this... I somehow missed Lisa's email and found it AFTER I posted that! She kicked her own booty this month and it's not her fault that I almost overlooked it!]