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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Really?? Weigh in ALREADY???

Holy cow!!  The weigh in is FRIDAY!!!  I have school for the next two days and wanted to make sure I didn't forget to post all this stuff... so here goes:
Remember to weigh in at the SAME TIME of day, in the SAME CLOTHES or lack thereof as your original scale pic. Also.. don't forget to get me your AFTER PICS in the same OUTFIT. Front and Side are REQUIRED and you need to be holding the DATE and HOUSEHOLD ITEM IN THE PICS!!! Your weights are DUE to me at by 6 pm MST. Also, your after pics must be into me by Midnight. If you have any questions about these pics.. please feel free to email me.

The household item for this month is a PHONE!!
It's totally okay to take your AFTER pics tonight or tomorrow in order to have them ready to send in on Friday!! I would LOVE if the after pics came with the scale pics!! Also.. if you take your pics first thing in the morning feel free to send them at that time. I would love to have them coming all day long to save me from having to spend a ton of time in front of the computer at once. THANKS!

Can't wait to see how hard you've been working this month!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011


In the past I have made an effort to post challenges for each of us on this competition site.  I will continue to do this.. but PLEASE comment... when I don't get comments I start to get burn out and feel like my effort is in vain!! 
Your first challenge is something you can do for yourself OR it can be a blog entry on your weight loss blog... (in fact.. if you don't want to share it for the world to see... compose it on your blog and just save it to your archives!)  There are a couple components to this.  If you've done this challenge before... DO IT AGAIN!!  It's amazing how things change, and priorities change with them! :)
FIRST... make a list of your long term goals. Really.. write them down.. why are you here? What are you hoping to accomplish? NEXT...write down your "list of excuses"; EVERYTHING that has ever got in the way of your success. This could be pivotal... if you are able to write down why you "can't" and can SEE it... it's easier to figure out how to overcome it.
Last, set new goals to help you achieve your long term ones.
I think that realizing just how many of my "roadblocks" were actually just an excuse CHANGED MY LIFE!! Sometimes we have to sacrifice to get what we really want out of life. This could mean you wake up earlier, go to bed late, or something in between. It might mean you need to ask for help from others... but, anything is possible.
 Bottom line... your challenge for the week is to:
Face your excuses head on and determine how you are going to take control of your health and your life.
Good luck to all of you! You are your greatest ally and your most fierce enemy. Don't stand in the way of your success.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Whats in a blog?

Many of you have NOT done this competition with me before.  I thought I would take a minute to explain what the blogs are and why we do them.  You will notice to the right there is a list of everyone in the comp.  All of the names are LINKS to each persons blog.  If you click on my name and go to my blog you will see that I have my blogs listed in order of who blogged most recently.  I find this to be an easy way to SUPPORT the people in our competition. 
We blog to document our journey.. we also blog to be accountable and to get to know one another.  I would encourage you to make a similar list (this is sort of a pain in the butt as you have to click on each link one at a time and then copy and paste them while creating a "blog list").  If you are not interested in making your own list.. FEEL FREE to use my personal blog as a link to everyone elses blogs.  Try to read what other people are writing.. and encourage eachother by commenting.  Even if your comment is YOU GO GIRL!!  or HANG IN THERE!!  It's NICE to know that people are reading! 
Blogging is also a great way to keep "tabs" on the competition.  It's also a way to draw ideas and inspiration from one anotherThe blogging rule will be strictly enforced.. if you haven't blogged DO IT!!  You will not be eligible for prizes if you do not meet the blogging standard as outlined in the rules. :)