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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another Challenge!

Drinking water is oh so important!!  When we asked LISA how much water we should drink a while back she answered this question with "you should be drinking 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water daily (that's a minimum)". Others will tell you more or less... BOTTOM line.. the general consensus is at LEAST 64 ozs of water A DAY!! SOOOO... here is your challenge:

Drink AT LEAST 64 ozs of water a day.

If you are up to it, pick a number that is 1/2 your body weight. Some of you will be drinking close to 150 ozs of water a day if you are up for THIS challenge. WHY? "Without enough water, organs can't function as efficiently, so your metabolism slows to conserve energy." -TECD page 43.

WHAT!?!?! You are SLOWING YOUR METABOLISM down?? Hmm... does this mean that drinking water alone can assist in weight loss? ABSOLUTELY! Staying hydrated increases your metabolic rate. AND it's cheaper than fad metabolism boosters that CLAIM to increase your slow metabolism.

HOW? Here's just one suggestion: Decide your goal. (Mine is 100 ozs of water a day.. NOT including what I drink during exercise.) THEN.... put it all out on your counter. FIND containers/glasses/pitchers WHATEVER you need to get it all out in front of your face. (If you will be working split your water up, leave some on your counter and take the rest to work , maybe a LARGE container that you can leave out on your desk.)

At the end of your first day you may NOT have accomplished this goal, but you will see just how far you've got to go! By the end of the week you should be a pro at getting water.

PS: You will go through a large amount of toilet paper this week so make sure you've stocked up! :o)


Heather Brown said...

oh i love this challenge! so ready to kick butt this month!

Wendy said...

This is a great challenge. I gave blood a couple days ago, and they immediately could tell I was dehydrated as soon as they stuck the needle in. I felt fine. It just shows I'm not drinking as much as I ought to, and I bet it's a major stumbling block for me.

Misty said...

My goal is 100 ounces. It's not a lot of water if you sip it all day but try to drink it all at dinner and life may suck for a while.